Featured Article: The One Thing Christians Need to Stop Right Now

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Michael Burns speaks to us about our tendency as Christians to respond exactly the way the world does to controversy. He encourages us to model Jesus in responding with mercy and with the hope of reconciliation.

…set your hope completely on the grace given to us in Jesus and the coming resurrection. That must be our focus. The world has different priorities. The priority of disciples is to demonstrate the kingdom of God in every action we take, every word we say, and every post we make. If our responses look and sound just like the world’s, then where is the alternative hope of God’s kingdom?

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Equipping Others is Vital To Ministry

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We are not only meant to do ministry, but meant to teach others to do ministry as well.

But we all need to become more biblical in our pastoral role. We need to become better at making disciples, equipping God’s people and helping some of them become equippers, as well.

This is not just a strategy for numerical growth, it’s an essential element for health and effectiveness. As such, it must always be seen as a central component in fulfilling the call of God on your life, your ministry and the church’s mission.

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What We’re Reading Today

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From N.T Wright’s Paul: A Biography:

We easily forget that the author of these letters spent most of his waking hours with his sleeves rolled up, doing hard physical work in a hot climate, and that perhaps two-thirds of the conversations he had with people about Jesus and the gospel were conducted not in a place of worship or study, not even in a private home, but in a small, cramped worship. Saul had his feet on the ground, and his hands were hardened with labor. But his head still buzzed with scripture and the news about Jesus. His heart was still zealous, loyal to the One God.

Legalism Doesn’t Work

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Though it may not look that way, but legalism actually feeds the flesh. It feeds our pride and our self-reliance. David Prince shares how a legalistic mindset is so different from a grace-filled mindset.

Legalism does not work. It never has and it never will…Legalism always produces two kinds of people: Those who know they do not measure up to God’s standards; and those who pretend that they measure up to God’s standards.

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