Dr. John Oakes Answers a Question

Dr. John Oakes answers a question that a disciple has about free will and God’s will, and encourages us to be sensitive to his will.

Life is complicated and we cannot figure out the exact cause and reason for everything which happens. Our job is to trust in God’s providence and to do our very best to be sensitive to what his will is and to move in a direction consistent with his will as we understand it, the best we can.

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Grace Leads to Evangelism

Tony Mulhollan shares from the book Jesus With the People how understanding grace the central motivation to evangelising the world.

A nimble walk through the book of Acts demonstrates the motivating power of grace to reach a lost world. A life saturated with grace will empower the disciple to be active and yes, even bold in sharing their faith…When evangelism is not the hallmark of our lives and our church, biblical grace is not being taught.

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What We’re Reading Today

From Robert E. Coleman’s The Master Plan of Evangelism:

Evangelism is not an optional accessory to our life. It is the heartbeat of all that we are called to be and do. It is the commission of the church that gives meaning to all else that is undertaken in the name of Christ. With this purpose clearly in focus, everything that is done and said has glorious fulfillment of God’s redemptive purpose—educational institutions, social programs, hospitals, church meetings of any kind—everything done in the name of Christ has its justification in fulfilling this mission.