A college town is predominately made up of its university population.

The university may be large, or there may be several smaller institutions such as liberal arts colleges clustered, or the residential population may be small, but college towns in all cases are so dubbed because the presence of the educational institution(s) pervades economic and social life. Many local residents may be employed by the university—which may be the largest employer in the community—many businesses cater primarily to the university, and the student population may outnumber the local population.

Churches with campus ministries in college towns serve the mission in a unique way! They are essential to bringing the next generation of campus disciples to Christ. Many disciples converted in these ministries go on to serve and lead churches all over the world.

Churches in college towns face a special challenge, too: because so many of the disciples they make go to larger cities for work or ministry, it’s harder to build a large and lasting ministry in these cities without outside help.

That’s why the One Year Challenge specifically channels volunteers who want to serve a year in campus ministry to locations that are in college towns. These are the ministries that are often sending disciples out after graduation. The One Year Challenge can provide much-needed additional support to keep campus ministries in college towns strong and fruitful.