From the Urbana blog:

The best place to begin is right where you are. For me, as a student, that meant getting involved where I was on campus. It started with leading a Bible Study in my dorm. As it happened, my Bible study group was a pretty diverse bunch. I began to learn to care for and worship with brothers and sisters from different ethnic backgrounds.

That experience opened me up to a desire to pursue other cross cultural opportunities, including an overseas summer study program. By the time I took my first short term missions trip, I was already asking God the question, “Is this something you would have me pursue longer term?” And I was asking myself and others, “How do I do when I find myself in a foreign culture in a missions context?”

My experiences served both as testing and training grounds. But they were by no means exhaustive, they were, as I have said, simply the next step on the journey. They confirmed a growing passion for and desire to make a longer commitment to cross cultural missions.

They also exposed areas of weakness and vulnerability, and helped me to better understand the context and organization that would best suit me and help me to grow. Coming to the end of myself in these experiences, I met God in new ways, and I began to understand that if he was calling me, he would and could work in and through me.

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