A campus Bible Talk meets in Boston February 9

Chris Zillman provides a detailed and encouraging summary of the campus service committee’s annual meeting.

Here’s the part most relevant to the OYC:

The goal of the One Year Challenge (OYC) is to produce more workers in strategic harvest fields around the world – college towns with small campus ministries in the US and unreached cities with ICOC churches internationally.

With that stated goal, we have focused the requirements for OYC host churches to include mission teams (e.g. Norman OK), small churches in college towns (e.g. Nittany Valley Church at Penn State), and international churches with largely un-evangelized populations (e.g. cities in China, undisclosed locations).

The OYC is a helpful component for growing a church, but should not be viewed as a primary resource because of the limited time that a participant has with the host site. Instead, the OYC should be viewed as a benefit to the kingdom overall. Participants come in eager and faithful, but largely untrained. By the end of his or her year of service the participant has been invested in by the local evangelist and ministry leaders, fully trained in ministry, and ready to be sent back to their home church or move on to another harvest field. The OYC will help our movement train the next generation of leaders.

Read the whole thing. The brothers who serve on committees like do selfless, thankless work that is essential to unity and cooperation. Every one of them is taking time from building their own ministries to serve the greater good.