Karl Vaters shares how we can “reduce the sting of failure when a new ministry doesn’t go as we had hoped”:

It might give us the courage to innovate more often.

The best way I know to reduce the sting of possible failure is this: put an expiration date on every new ministry idea.

Instead of launching a new idea as “the way we’re going to do ministry from now on”, tell people “Hey, we have this fun, new idea we’re going to try until the end of the summer!” Or December, or until Easter…

Then, at the end of the summer, if it doesn’t work, it stops happening, just like we announced. No failure, no problem. If it does work, we keep doing it. You can extend it for another three or six months. If it still works, we just keep doing it.

Putting expiration dates on ministries has several advantages. Here are a few.

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