Though not from our fellowship of churches, we can learn from others who have experience in things like church planting. Not all their lessons apply to us, but these seem worthy of consideration.

Two big mistakes:

1. Launch with a handful of people in a living room. If that worked for Bill Hybels and Rick Warren, it’ll work for me.

Truth: Nope. It most likely won’t. Hybels and Warren are outliers from a past generation. Decades of evidence and research consistently shows that churches with a launch team of under fifty people will struggle to ever gain viability, sustainability, and momentum….

2. Build a decent launch team but rely on advertising to bring in launch day guests.

Truth: Far too many dollars have been wasted on direct mailers and billboards by new church plants….A person who visits based on a direct mailer is less likely to return than a person invited by a launch team member.

Read the whole thing for ten positive things to do.