Some good advice for evangelists and evangelizers:

One man put it best: “It’s as though you see the text as an outsider.”

What he was trying to say is I have a tendency not to assume things. I often argue with myself during a sermon, taking on the persona of one who disagrees with what I’m saying and then answering the objection. I think psychologists have a name for that and psychiatrists have a drug for it. I’ve managed to avoid treatment long enough to figure out what I’ve been doing all these years and to give it the name “expository apologetics.”

I want to encourage other teachers to look at a text and ask, “What questions does this text raise? What doctrine am I expounding, and what objections are common? What would a person hostile to the gospel be thinking if he or she heard me say this?” These are just a few of the questions that can turn any sermon or lesson into an exercise in expository apologetics.

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