So far this year, 41 disciples have registered at the One Year Challenge website.

Which sites are they most frequently matched with?

For mission churches, it’s Spain (14), China (13), Germany and Switzerland (10 each), and Norway (9).*

For campus ministries in college towns, it’s Eugene, OR (19); Pullman, WA (15); Lawrence, KS and Norman, OK (7 each); Storrs, CT (6), Auburn, AL (5) and Charlottesville, VA and State College, PA (3 each).

Just because a site has lower numbers, that doesn’t mean it’s less popular. The site may have stricter requirements, such that few volunteers are matched in registration.

Later we’ll post more data on the “other worthy sites” locations, and on where OYC disciples are actually going.

*The numbers add to more than 41 because many participants are matched to, and select more than one site.