Good stuff from Karl Vaters: “nine attitudes that will limit a church’s ministry capacity. No matter how big or small the church is.”

The third one stands out to me as a trend we’re seeing more and more in our churches:

3. Putting More Focus on Sunday Stage Shows than On Making Disciples

In two previous posts (here and here) I wrote about my growing frustration with how much time, energy and money we pour into our Sunday morning stage shows.

It’s not that we shouldn’t create a great worship experience. But when we’re more concerned with the worship leader’s stage presence than the Holy Spirit’s presence, Houston we have a problem.

Like the staff and buildings in the previous point, those stage theatrics cost a lot to build and maintain. And they tend to create an environment of passive audience members instead of active disciples.

When the minimum skill level for Sunday morning ministry is too high, we reinforce the idea that ministry is just for the professionals. And it creates yet another bottleneck that limits our ministry capacity.

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