Ever wonder if you have the “gift” of being a OYCer? Are some people especially qualified to do this?

Many disciples understand quite clearly the Great Commission mandate, and they may be just as clear about how great the need is in places with few followers of Jesus. So why don’t they go? Often, it’s because they don’t feel qualified.

One sister told me, “I’m just not like you. I’m not a missionary.”

If she’s right, then there’s some special profile of person who would make a good fit for an OYC, and others who wouldn’t.

But…disciple making is not a gift, just like praying is not a gift and helping the poor is not a gift. Can you imagine a person saying, “I don’t have the gift of helping the poor. Even though I know there are a lot of poor people in the world and I know Jesus placed a great emphasis on loving the poor, I’m just not a good fit for that kind of thing.”

Certainly not everyone is ready for an OYC. You may need more training. But saying “I’m not gifted in the area of sacrificing my comfort for the cause of the gospel–so no OYC for me!” isn’t very different from saying, “I’m not gifted in praying–so no quiet times for me!”