Have you been thinking about the One Year Challenge? How do you know when it’s the right thing for you to do?

Many disciples think about spiritual decisions in a way that can easily absolve them of any responsibility.

They will say something like, “I love the idea of OYC, but I just don’t feel a burden for taking the gospel to another country, or helping a campus ministry somewhere.”

At worst, it’s just an excuse.

At best, it’s a sincere expression of not feeling something someone thinks they should feel before taking the next step towards an OYC. So, what do you do with this “non-feeling”?

Consider that God often directs us to change our hearts: to exchange a heart of stone for a heart of flesh, to love our unlovable neighbor, etc.

We easily get that we can’t follow every feeling we have. But the opposite is also true: we aren’t excused from something just because we don’t have a special feeling about that thing God asked us to do.

By way of example, worshiping God is similar: some people just don’t easily get into it. But with years of bending our hearts towards the disciplines of daily prayer, meditation and Bible study, and as we learn to “sing a new song,” our hearts change from inwardly-focused to God-focused.

Your heart can–and often should–change.

So, if you aren’t “burdened” for doing an OYC, consider that the problem might not be what God hasn’t done in your heart, but what you haven’t invited him to do in your heart.