Ever wonder would have happened if the rich young ruler (Mark 10) decided to follow Jesus? Perhaps, we can look at Zinzendorf’s life and find out. He was a man of nobility, just like the rich young ruler, but the legacy of his life was different. Though he had priestly training, he was expected to go into political office because he was a count.

Even as a politician, his passion for missions never wavered and fueled the Moravian Church to send out more than 226 missionaries over his lifetime. While we would not necessarily agree with everything Zinzendorf taught, his life is a great example of someone who labors tirelessly to send out missionaries even while having responsibilities at home.

Within two decades, Zinzendorf sent missionaries around the globe: to Greenland, Lapland, Georgia, Surinam, Africa’s Guinea Coast, South Africa, Amsterdam’s Jewish quarter, Algeria, the native North Americans, Ceylon, Romania, and Constantinople. In short order, more than 70 missionaries from a community of fewer than 600 answered the call.

By the time Zinzendorf died in 1760 in Herrnhut, the Moravians had sent out at least 226 missionaries.

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