David Livingston’s legacy was not just of a whole-hearted effort to reach native Africans, but also a life of deep adventure. He was as much an explorer as he was a missionary. While in South Africa, he dreamed of and eventually worked tirelessly for a “Missionary Road” or “God’s Highway” in the African Continent. He ended up exploring 1500 mile stretch of the African continent to bring the gospel to unreached peoples.

From his exploring and his acquired knowledge of the continent, he was able to speak out fervently of the evils of African slavery, which eventually helped outlaw the practice.

While we may not completely agree with all his teachings, his life of bravery and adventurousness certainly is worth imitating!

Brought by faithful hands over land and sea,” his tombstone reads, “David Livingstone: missionary, traveler, philanthropist. For 30 years his life was spent in an unwearied effort to evangelize the native races, to explore the undiscovered secrets, and to abolish the slave trade.

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