Your parents may have mixed feelings about you signing up for OYC. Need help? Check out Kim Ransleben’s advice to students as a parent herself on how to talk to your parents about missions. Here are her five main points:

1. Let your parents in on the journey early and often. Your desire to serve overseas shouldn’t be spontaneously announced like you do when you’ve decided to drive to the playoff game or change your hair color.

 2. Do first for them what you want to do for others. If you want your parents to believe that you’ll be faithful stewards out there, give them an idea what that looks like right here.

3. Watch your attitude. Parents have never done well with fits, and the greater the fit, the more they know you definitely don’t need to be given whatever it was that you’ve demanded.

4. Make sure that the reason you “have not” isn’t because “you’ve asked not”. How did you awaken to God’s heart for the nations?

5. Love your parents well…even if you can’t
follow them. It may be that after all this, your parents still don’t get it, and you still go.

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