No, probably not the way you are thinking of it.

Many disciples are hoping for some mysterious sense of God’s “call” that will tell them just where, or if, they should go on a One Year Challenge.

And many who don’t even get started in the process will dismiss the idea: “I know it’s important for some people to go. I just don’t feel called.”

But does this make sense?

Look at the world and the vast work that still remains reaching the nations for Christ. Then look at the small number of disciples who actually go and try to advance this mission.

If it’s up to the called to go and the un-called to stay put, there are only a few possibilities:

  1. God isn’t calling many disciples.
  2. God is calling many disciples, but there aren’t many who aren’t listening.
  3. We have a wrong idea about the need for a “calling.”

Maybe this whole idea that “I need a special calling” is misguided in the first place. After all, we know what God wants for the world. We know where the needs are great. We know that every disciple is called to a life of sacrifice.

Do you really need some individualized calling? Or could this just be an excuse for not simply volunteering for something you know needs doing?

What if you don’t need to feel called? What if you just need to obey?

(H/T to the excellent Send Me I’ll Go.)