“Putting out a fleece” is a Christian code language for “I’ll see if circumstances confirm God wants me to do this or that.” If you’re not sure where this idea comes from, the story is in Judges 6-8.

A lot of people considering an OYC use this kind of language when describing how they are going to make a decision:

  1. “I’m going to apply for a job and see if God opens a door for me there. If He doesn’t, I’ll just know God doesn’t want me to go.”
  2. “I’m waiting to find out if I got approved for a new home loan, but if it doesn’t go through, I am going to take that as a sign from God to just go on an OYC.”
  3. “I’ve been praying that God will make it really clear to me whether or not I should go.”

All these statements reflect something positive: a desire to be convinced of what God’s specific will is for my decision through some visible sign.

The problem is these statements also tragically leave out faith in God’s care. They can just as easily be expressed as:

  1. “If God makes it really easy for me to go by giving me an great job in advance, I’ll go. Otherwise, I’m not taking any risks.”
  2. “If I can come up with some good reason not to go, and reasonably attribute it to God, I’m off the hook.”
  3. “I’m not going anywhere until God satisfies my need for certainty.”

Step out on faith. Don’t require God to grease the skids to get you moving. Put your trust in God, not in “confirming” circumstances.