Last week we said the Gideon tests sound spiritual but often just reflect a misplaced desire for clarity that God doesn’t owe us.

So, what are some good things to decide if you should go on an OYC?

One of the best reasons to go is also one of the simplest: because you can.

Many, many disciples simply cannot go on an OYC. Think of all the circumstances that might prevent disciples from going:

  1. Some need support groups for chemical addiction recovery or same-sex attraction.
  2. Some are under the care of a therapist they should stick with for now, or need to take specialized treatments for mental or physical health problems.
  3. Some have special needs children.
  4. Some have boyfriends or girlfriends who can’t go on an OYC.
  5. Some are caring for elderly parents.
  6. Some are so deeply in debt they could not maintain payments if they went to an OYC site.
  7. Some are in the military or a program of study. Leaving in the middle of these situations would be unwise, so for now at least, an OYC is off the table.
  8. Some would go if they could, but can’t get a visa because of their nationality. For example, it’s much harder for a Russian passport holder to get a work visa in most countries than it is for a Canadian passport holder, unfortunately.
  9. Some are willing to go, but too old or too young to relocate.

You get the picture. Take all these people out of the pool of potential “go-ers”–they need to be stayers for now!–and how many are left?

Are you one of those remaining people who can go? Then, by itself, that’s a great reason to go!