Leadership, especially in ministry and evangelism, sometimes rises out of the ashes of failure. Christina Walker’s take on how to press forward in ministry even after failure is encouraging, especially to people who are considering going on an OYC.

Ministry is not easy, and I often find myself needing God’s grace. When I share the gospel, I am inviting that person to join me, to come find that same grace at the foot of the cross. We are not called to evangelize from a place of knowledge or success, but from a place of humility that knows the good news from our daily experience: we need God’s provision and saving, and He graciously provides it. Like Peter, we can say, “I don’t have any silver or gold for you [or solutions or quick fixes or …]. But I’ll give you what I have” – Jesus! (Acts 3:6).

You aren’t disqualified from going on a One Year Challenge because you are in need of grace. God can do amazing things in your life, even in the wake of failure. He certainly did that with Peter. Read the whole thing.