Deciding to go can be tough, but deciding to let your son or daughter go can be tougher. Want to know what the parents might be thinking? Read Ed Stezer’s article about his own experience of not only letting his children go on missions but supporting them as well. Though Stezer writes from outside our movement, his article can give us valuable insight in what it means to be a parent of an OYCer.

Part of my own cost of following Christ is a willingness to sacrifice my dream of those Sunday dinners and grandkids playing on the swing set in our backyard. I must let them go and trust that, whatever the risks of following God’s call, they are doing the right thing, even if it is risky. And leading my daughters to serve Jesus means that I not only teach them to live their lives on mission, but, as a parent, I willingly and joyfully send them out to follow God’s call.

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