The Great Commission is understood by, if not all, most Christians that the purpose driven task set by king Jesus 2,000 years ago was to share his gospel. Much of the world today has heard about Jesus and has heard of the Gospel in some form. There are, however, still many who have not heard.

The seed of the Word does not always bring forth fruit, but no fruit is ever brought forth without the seed. (Luke 8:11-15)

The undoubted truth that we must declare the gospel coincides with most Christians all around the world, but where there is no spread of the gospel, there is no salvation and opportunity for people to be saved. Places that have never heard the gospel won’t even get a chance of salvation if there is no one that will bring it to them.

So that leaves us with the heaviest question of them all which is, to whom then do we still need to bring the gospel? If your answer were to be your neighbors, friends, bosses, and coworkers, then your answer would be only half correct. Yes, they need a prophet in their life reminding them the magnitude of God’s love, but what about those who not only don’t have a prophet in their lives, but don’t have the Words of salvation to save them either? The message was and is very clear that we are to go into “all” nations. If there are still areas that need to at minimum hear the gospel, then following in line with the Great Commission, should lead our next steps to them.