What is your gift? Many may ponder this question and think about the different gifts that they have acquired over the years simply by practice, feelings of interest, or God given talent. Some are musically talented, while others are athletically talented. The church alike has been richly filled with gifts and much more like: preaching, teaching, worship, encouragement, etc. This understanding of gifts is not new to us, but what we so often do is mistakenly put the Great Commission in the category of gifts instead of commandment.

It easy sometimes to see someone go on missions and automatically jump to the conclusion that missions is that person’s gift. We may even excuse ourselves and say “missions is what they’re called to do, but that’s not me, that’s not my gift.” It is important for us to remember that all gifts given by God to glorify him.

There are some who are extremely gifted at teaching, but as Christians we all teach. There are some who preach and lead better than most, but we are all called to preach the Word in season and out of season (2 Tim. 4:2). It’s absurd for someone to say that because they do not have the gift of studiousness, they do not read their bible. We know that deep quality time with the Word of God is an essential part of living as Christians and we would never put that in the category of my gift or your gift.

Let’s be careful not to put the Great Commission in the category of gifts. If we look at the Great Commission that way, we will always think that there is someone else that can take care of that part of Christianity. The Great Commission is a commandment given to all disciples to obey. What we need to feel is sense of responsibility and urgency to complete it. If we are not going to do it, then it won’t get done. Some people are more talented than others in making disciples, but we know that making disciples is not a gift but our purpose. Our Great Commission calls us to that same purpose to make disciples in all nations.