Did you know that Eric Liddell was a gold medalist in the Olympics as well as a missionary? His life is an example of bringing honor to God. To keep his Sabbath, he wouldn’t run on a Sunday. In the 1924 Olympics, because of his convictions, he ran the 400 meter race instead of the 100 meter race. People did not expect him to do well. At the starting blocks he was handed a paper with the scripture “Those who honour me I will honour” (1st Samuel 2:30). That day he broke world record for the 400 meter race.

His honor was not only confined to the running track. After his career as an Olympian, he went to China to serve as a missionary. He served there through turbulent times, including the Japanese invasion of China in 1937. He died there in 1945.

Liddell was sent by the Japanese to an Internment Camp where 1800 other internees were confined. He was not dissuaded by his circumstances. He worked tirelessly in the camp, doing just about anything that needed to be done, whether it was bible study, teaching children who were trying to keep up their studies, or organizing sports. In a prisoner exchange bargain, his freedom was arranged by Winston Churchill, but he gave it up and let a pregnant woman leave instead.

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