You don’t have to be known or famous to have an amazing impact for God. George Liele is considered not only the first African American missionary, but also the first American missionary. Despite this not much is known about him or his ministry. Born a slave in Virginia, he was eventually baptized. As a Christian he sought to support his fellow slaves by encouraging them with hymns and to sing to God. After eventually being freed, he sailed for Jamaica in 1782, where he eventually founded a church of whites, blacks, slaves and free men.

Because most of the people in his church Liele while not being supported by a church or mission agency, also became the first Protestant missionary to go out from America to establish a foreign mission. This unknown hero without formal education, who learned to read the Bible and became a preacher and missionary shared the gospel with thousands, baptized hundreds and discipled many who became preachers, missionaries, and world leaders.

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