What is a Christians most important duty in this world? What would most Christians say is the top priority on their list? Most Christians today would undoubtedly say that it is to preach the Gospel to those who have not heard, and or who have not yet believed. From generation to generation, Christians have found countless ways to spread the Gospel to unbelievers by using: their occupations, their kids, their college degrees, their hobbies, etc. Paul first sets this fervent example in 1 Corinthians 10:31 where he writes:

So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.

This uncontainable faith that would grab onto the use of any and everything for the glory of the Gospel; our jobs, our families, our kids, our hobbies, our homes, were all under obedience to God. Does this obedience still exist today?

Slowly but surely enough, our occupation, our kid’s education, and our hobbies, are no longer tools for God’s glory, but have become are most important priority and duty as Christians. The positions have been switched, we have made these first the gifts of our Maker, and have made our Maker second.

We must realize this switch because it is the very reason why many Christians are anchored in staying where they are at and don’t feel a sense of urgency to go on missions. Paul’s focus was not on the eating and drinking, but it was on the glory of God. If our focus is on the glory of God, then it should send us into all the nations where the Gospel still has yet to be heard. Perhaps there is nothing more glorifying to God than making more and more disciples who will use their lives to worship and glorify him.

Let’s not be mistaken: working a job, focusing on our children’s education and cultivating our interests can all bring glory to God. The concern is that this present generation will literally do everything for God’s glory except for the Greatest Commission. Let’s beware that more of our prayers and pleas to God are filled with passion for our careers, and for our children’s educations rather than for the millions of people that have never heard the gospel of Christ around the world. If we are to reach those who are unreached, we will need to change our focus for their sake and for the glory of God.