According to the Bible we are all ministers of reconciliation, but despite this, the work of the ministry can be difficult to do, much more persevere in. In this article Jenni Catron writes on 5 principles that can encourage us as we all do the work of ministry. She encourages us to:

  1. Value people over tasks.
  2. Lead yourself well to lead others better.
  3. Love learning and be intentional not to plateau.
  4. Look after our emotional and physical health.
  5. Deal with symptoms of leadership demise.

Leadership means taking people along the way and I know that I need to be intentional to slow down, to see people, to engage. When I do this, the results of valuing people over tasks have a far greater reward than the reward of knowing the task is complete. This is more Christ-like anyway and Jesus’ concern for people needs to be reflected in my leadership form and function.

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