People tend to look for a “Gideon sign” when they think about going on a One Year Challenge – that is, a sign from God that they should or should not make this decision.

Our desire for certainty is a good thing. We should not make big decisions haphazardly or without adequate information. When seeking the will of God, searching for certainty reflects a strong desire to be convinced of what God’s specific will is.

We’ve said that the Gideon test is a bad way to decide, but that doesn’t mean God has left us completely clueless as to His will or what he desires for our lives.

God’s sign for us to give our lives to the mission, whether that would be to go on a One Year Challenge or to serve in another capacity for the mission, can be found in the Bible. We don’t need a sign! And we should not neglect the many scriptures that command us to go and make disciples of all nations.

Why are we so often not satisfied with this? Because we expect the Bible to be a detailed life plan, specific to our own lives! The trouble is, the Bible isn’t that.

The Bible is something better.

Psalms 119 says:

Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path.

God doesn’t unveil a life plan for us in the Bible. Notice that the scripture says God’s word illuminates our walk. That doesn’t mean the whole path can be seen, but it does mean that we will have sufficient light to make the next step.

Like a lamp by a person’s feet, the Bible illuminates our path step by step. It clarifies our decisions and guides our convictions.

Is our faith too much in certainty? Are we too dependent on having a plan?

This psalm says that the Bible will guide our path, but that doesn’t mean we’ll know the whole plan of our life. It means our role is to follow the Bible step by step, even to places unknown and untraveled, where our future is uncertain.

When considering going on a One Year Challenge, we can take encouragement then that the basis of our decision won’t be in certainty, or even in a detailed plan, but in faith–a step-by-step walk of faith. There will be some mystery to it, but you’ll have sufficient light to enjoy the journey and to continue on your adventure.

To begin a faith walk today, go to and fill out the One Year Challenge inquiry form to begin. After prayer, that’s the first step of faith.