The mission to bring the Gospel to all nations won’t be completed without prayer. The Great Commission also won’t be completed without connection.

Often times, what may hinder a brother or sister from signing up for a One Year Challenge is a fear that they are going about a One Year Challenge alone. Since they don’t know the brothers and sisters in another place, they feel that they are going on this journey alone. They they may find their task daunting.

We mustn’t forget that we won’t do our task alone.

A brother once said, “There are no Rambos in the Kingdom of God.” He’s right. Time and time again, in the scriptures we see a pattern of connectedness between disciples in their mission for the Gospel.

For example, Philippians 2:25:

But I think it is necessary to send back to you Epaphroditus, my brother, co-worker and fellow soldier, who is also your messenger, whom you sent to take care of my needs.

Paul gives Epaphroditus three titles: first, his brother, second, his co-worker and third, his fellow-soldier. Paul shows that in the Gospel work, not only should our connections be broad, but also deep.

Here are some things we can take from Paul’s three titles for Epaphroditus:

Ephaproditus, my brother:

Paul reminds us that though we are separated by culture, race or country, we are united by the blood of Jesus. Jesus’ blood helps us to break through these barriers. On a One Year Challenge, you may be surprised at the level you’re able to connect with disciples despite the language barrier, by your common love for the Father. Family stick together, protect each other and provide for each other. On the mission, we are supposed to be that for each other.

Ephaproditus, my co-worker:

It’s a great joy to serve God together as co-workers. Co-workers for a company work for their company’s goal or to fulfil their boss’ expectations. They share the same concerns for their work. We work to serve our Lord together. If you work hard to be a good employee, how much more should we seek to be good “employees” of God! We get to share that aspiration together!

Ephaproditus, my fellow soldier: 

We must also be cognisant of the reality that we are in a war against the dark forces of this world. As disciples we fight a common enemy and fight for a common purpose. Not only should we see each other as family, but we should also see each other as a band of brothers.

Let’s take courage in the fact that we are not alone on the mission, and let’s aspire to be co-workers for the Gospel. We need each other to fulfil his Commission.