The One Year Challenge… You’ve heard about it. You’ve reached the blog. Maybe you have had a friend go to this state or that country, had a brother in your church recently come back from an OYC over yonder. Or perhaps one brother or sister who still hasn’t come back from their “one” year challenge.

But now you’re here, and you’re wondering…

How does it all work? What happens when someone signs up?

Here’s what happens after you click the link.

  1. You see the OYC homepage. You explore the sites, read the blurbs, maybe sign up for a newsletter or two…
  2. A few sites catch your eye… “I speak Spanish! Argentina!” “I’ve met some bros from Hungary and they are awesome… Budapest!” “Oooooh I speak some Californian… San Luis Obispo!” “I’ve seen all 8 seasons of Portlandia… close enough… Eugene, OR!” You click on the site pages and read about what these sites are all about, who they are looking for to come serve, and what they offer/expect.
  3. You click on the “Register Now!” button at the top of each page, or the “I’m ready to register for an OYC” at the bottom of each site page.
  4. Fill out the short registration form ~ 3-5 min
  5. Wait to hear back from the sites you’ve matched with, and begin coordinating with the site leader(s). They contact you and you being thinking about what it really means to go. Would it be a good fit? Are you really willing?
  6. Talking about details, arrangements and the minor details can be worked out from there.