Currently, the first ever FIBA Basketball World cup is in full swing, bringing the nations of the world together in China to compete for sports glory. The US, which in the realm of basketball is always the heavy favorite, is not such a sure deal this year. Instead of putting the best talent available on the court, due to many stars rejecting the opportunity, young players have stepped onto the squad.

The situation reminds basketball fans of the 2004 Olympic games in Greece, Argentina pulled off one of the greatest upsets in sports history, beating the fully supplied USA at their own game. If it were soccer, no one would bat an eye. But the team full of NBA stars walked off the court with their heads hung, while Argentina celebrated. Argentina built a team that could rise to the challenge.

Argentina, like many other countries in latin America is full of passion. And, also like other latin American countries, it is full of believers, most of whom belong to the Roman Catholic Church. Less than 10% of Argentinean Christians are evangelical.

Today, in Buenos Aires, our church is looking to build a ministry that can rise to the challenge. For brothers and sisters to have passion for God and his mission.

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