Another Monday Music feature for Brazil. This time from artist Leonardo Gonçalves.

“Encontrei o meu lugar, o meu lugar”

“I found my place, oh my place”

Everyone is looking for their place in life. No matter their religion, ideals or beliefs. As Christians, we really do believe that we aren’t just animals, mastered by our desires, but made in God’s image.

When Adam ate the fruit, and God cannot see him, his question is more to the tune of “Adam, where are you? You aren’t where you are supposed to be.” Since the beginning, God has provided humankind the opportunity to have a place and relationship with him, as objects of his love.

As disciples on mission, we seek to spread the good news about God, and help people find that true place with the Father, that is made for us in the Son. See what the One Year Challenge is like in Brazil!

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