Absolute Surrender.

“Notice how Christ uses that word deny twice. He said to Peter the first time, “Deny himself” (Matthew 16:24); He said to Peter the second time, “Thou shalt deny me” (Matthew 26:34). It is either of the two. There is no other choice for us; we must either deny self or deny Christ. There are two great powers fighting each other the self-nature in the power of sin, and Christ in the power of God. Either of these must rule within us.”
― Andrew Murray, Absolute Surrender

If you’re thinking of taking the One Year Challenge, there are probably a lot of pros and cons you are weighing. There are probably a lot of sacrifices to make. Murray reminds us of Jesus’ teaching, that we cannot serve to masters. This book, although quite short, is full of great teachings that can prepare any disciples spiritual life to grow deeper in Christ.