William Carey

At a meeting of Baptist leaders in the late 1700s, a newly ordained minister stood to argue for the value of overseas missions. He was abruptly interrupted by an older minister who said, “Young man, sit down! You are an enthusiast. When God pleases to convert the heathen, he’ll do it without consulting you or me.”

That such an attitude is inconceivable today is largely due to the subsequent efforts of that young man, William Carey.

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William Carey had an impact on India and the world that is still very much alive today. He and his team faced countless trials, fruitless years and extreme opposition as they brought the gospel to the people of India. In a time filled with prejudice, the caste system and division, their living according the the eternal word completely defiant to the status quo and current.

Today, the status quo and current might be less rapid in the other direction, and it may look different, but the world is certainly not aligned with God’s will. So we must ponder what it means for us today to be transformed in the renewing of our minds, and not conforming to the world.