From Stan Rodda’s article “Our Apologetics Must Surrender to the Transformative Power of Jesus Christ!”

If you’re thinking about taking the One Year Challenge and being on mission for God, you are thinking of how you can lead people to Christ, let this man’s insight and experience enter the discussion!

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Tyler (not his real name) is an environmentalist, evolution believing, democrat voting, self-identified “none.” He and I started having faith conversations around six months ago. As he explored, he immediately jumped to the common questions. “Well, if I talk to you about this, am I going to have to change my beliefs about evolution? And what about how I vote? I have deep convictions about voting to save the environment from climate change.”

What I heard was, “If you tell me that following Jesus means I have to vote Republican and suddenly believe the earth is 6000 years old, I’m out.”

Where would you begin with a person like Tyler? Likely with some sort of argument beginning to break down evolution. And if you went after how he votes first thing, you’re probably going to lose the opportunity to share Jesus. I don’t know anyone saved who was argued out of how they prefer to vote. Even a guy with no current framework for religion or faith in his life, was expecting our conversations to be somewhat confrontational and to debate these deeply held convictions and beliefs.

I think my response to Tyler took him by surprise. My first response was, “Tyler, I believe that someday you will stand before God. And when you do, He won’t ask you how old the earth is. He also won’t ask you how you voted. He will ask you what you did with Jesus. Are you open to discovering Jesus with me?” He said, “Yes.”

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