What do you think of when you hear the word “satan” or “devil”?

My guess is, there is likely a red figure, maybe horns and a pitchfork are included. This image is drawn directly from fan fare and modern imaginings. If we look to the Bible, we see Paul point out that “Satan himself masquerades as an angle of light” (2 Cor. 11:14).

This is an example of the many things we can slowly divert from truth on because of the imagery around something or even the language.

In this article, centered around the Apostles Creed, ancient in its reciting by Christians all over the world and in wide use today, the same issue is present. As disciples today, we need to do some digging to cut to the truth, and make sure that what we teach and store up in our hearts is in accordance with sound doctrine.

One point requiring absolute clarity is that “descended into hell” did not mean, until Calvin, “descend into the place of torment.” The creedal Latin varies between ad inferna (“descended into hell”) and ad inferos (“descended to the dead [ones]”), but these are synonyms until the Reformation.

You can read the article here.