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As the end of the semester or quarter draws nears, there may be some students beginning to look past final exams and on toward what will come next…

What to do after graduation?

It’s a big question, and there are certainly many roads and paths to consider. An important factor, perhaps the most important factor in this decision is what role does God’s word play in this decision?

There are a lot of lies Satan scatters into our minds and culture, when it comes to little decision, we should be mindful of these, how much more then, ought we consider the word of truth against the lies of Satan in big decisions!

This article lays out 7 of the common lies Christians in college fall into believing. Below the 7 reasons are listed, read the full article for deeper explanation and direction for facing these lies.

1. “I have to do what I feel is right or genuine.”

2. “I must do something extraordinary with my life.”

3. “I’ll stop feeling lonely if I get married.”

4. “My porn addiction will stop if I get married.”

5. “I’m too busy for church this week.”

6. “I’ll tithe when I get a real job or after I pay off my debt.”

7. “Church membership is optional for college students.”