This week’s featured article touches on a vitally important subject — the prosperity gospel.

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What’s behind this article is deeper however, as you will read, the author, Dieudonné Tamfu, left his life in America to return to Cameroon, solely to preach the true gospel message of Christ. Tamfu’s heart is to carry the pearl of great value to the people without it, his work is missions. The sad thing about this is that even in this country where there are churches and preachers, what is missing is the true gospel.

Who will say with Isaiah, “Here am I, send me”.

When the passion for material things becomes god, God and his word become means. The movement dethrones Jesus so that his word becomes merely a manual for mammon, a guide to gold, a footpath to fitness, and a means to might. Ministry becomes business. Preachers “see preaching as a way to make money. In fact, the Greek word translated exploit could be used to refer to a business transaction, as it is in James 4:13, which talks about people discussing business plans. For the false teachers, ministry has become a business aimed at satisfying their covetousness.” The idolatrous and insatiable love for things leads to gross distortions of God’s word. 

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