From Duncan Hamilton’s biography of Eric Liddell, “For the Glory”.

Known for his Olympic running achievements in 1924, his greatest story occurred after, as he moved to China, giving up a career in athletics in order to become a missionary.

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“Skeptical question are always going to be asked when someone is portrayed without apparent faults and also as the possessor of standards that appear so idealized and far-fetched to the rest of us. Liddell can sound too virtuous and too honorable to be true, as if those who knew him were either misremembering or consciously mythologizing. Not so. The evidence is too overwhelming to be dismissed as easily as that. No one could ever recall a single act of envy, pettiness, hubris, or self-aggrandizement from him. He bad-mouthed nobody. He didn’t bicker. He lived daily by the most unselfish credo, which was to help others practically and emotionally. Liddell became the (concentration) camp’s conscience without ever being pious, sanctimonious, or judgmental. He forced his religion on no one. He didn’t expect others to share his beliefs, let alone live up to them. . . His heroism was to be utterly forgiving in the most unforgiving of circumstances” (8)

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If you are considering taking a OYC, this book is a great read on sacrifice and a God glorifying perspective in the face of severe trials.

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