This week’s featured article might hit close to home if you are the type of person who spends as much time browsing for the perfect movie as you will watching it!

It seems that the more options we have, the more afraid we are of choosing. We become enslaved to being noncommittal.

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The fact is that we live in a world of many options. Our daily decisions are much more complicated than learning your father’s trade and working to survive.

We worship the god of open options. And he’s killing us. He kills our relationships, because he tells us it’s better not to become too involved. He kills our service to others because he tells us it might be better to keep our weekends to ourselves. He kills our giving because he tells us these are uncertain financial times and you never know when you might need that money. He kills our joy in Christ because he tells us it’s better not to be thought of as too spiritual.

What’s most frightening about the god of open options, though, is that you may not even know that you’re worshiping him. Because he pretends not to be a god at all.

In fact, he promises you freedom from all gods, all responsibilities. “Keep your options open,” he whispers. “Worship me, and you don’t have to serve anything or anyone. No commitment necessary. Total freedom.”

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