“Golden Rule Leadership”. Highly recommended to anyone in ministry leadership or aspiring to be, this book takes a deep look into Jesus’ example and the golden rule of Luke 6:31.

9781577821328: Golden Rule Leadership: Building a Spirit of Team ...

So, the relationships in the church should be like those in an ideal family, If it is not, two tragedies occur: (1) people leave and (2) people stay but are not fired up about helping their friends and physical families become disciples. Mark it down: The sense of being loved, appreciated, accepted and esteemed does more to draw people and old people than anything we an think of. The greatest commands in the Word have to do with love. Love is greater than faith and greater than hope, and without it, nothing else really matters (1 Cor 13).

If you are thinking of taking the One Year Challenge, you would do well to consider how you can be a contribute to the family feeling wherever you go. The OYC sites ask for help for a reason; whether it be a new church plant, young campus ministry, or revitalizing a struggling church. How sweet it is when God’s people dwell in unity!