This article, by Susan Narjala, is a great read for those who are feeling inefficient, ineffective, or insecure at this time. If you are thinking about taking the OYC, consider that it won’t be about your resumè as much as your faith, love and willingness to try.

If you’re in a season that seems “wasteful” because of the current pandemic, or because of where you live, or chronic illness, or crying babies, or elderly parents who need your help, or whatever other reason you can’t “get it all done,” then perhaps this is the training ground that God has readied for you.

John Piper unpacks God’s view of human efficiency, saying, “God almost never takes the shortest route between point A and point B. The reason is that such efficiency — the efficiency of speed and directness — is not what he’s about. His purpose is to sanctify the traveler, not speed him between A and B. Frustrating human efficiency is one of God’s primary (I say primary, not secondary) means of sanctifying grace.”