From Ferguson and Shaw’s book, “Golden Rule Leadership”. If you are thinking about taking the One Year Challenge, one of the goals on your mind may be to make an impact for the Kingdom. And the question that naturally follows is, “How?”

This book is great for the aspiring leader of men and women’s hearts. Applying principles from Jesus’ example and teaching to our leadership today.

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We need to be honest about the nature of and differences in our gifts, as described in Romans 12:3-8. Leadership is a gift of God, as are the other gifts that are mentioned. Gifts are just that — gifts. We do not earn them nor deserve them, nor are we superior because we have them. If we rely on them in a prideful manner, gifts become obstacles to our own growth and to seeing our need for others. For example, I have a reasonably good intellect (although my mind’s computer is definitely slowing down with age!) Why? From a divine perspective, it is because of God’s gift. But from a human perspective, it is principally because of my gene pool. I could just as easily been born with a low IQ or with significant learning disabilities. The fact that I have good learning capabilities has nothing to do with my value at all. If 1 Corinthians 12 teaches anything, it is that in the family of God, no one is inferior and no one is superior.

What an important lesson to learn as disciples. The younger we can straighten this our not just in our minds, but deeply in our hearts, then we can began to view people in a way closer to Christ, with a humility that God gives and that makes us available to treat others better than ourselves.

If you are thinking of taking the One Year Challenge, consider picking up a copy of Golden Rule Leadership. The mission may have to wait in some ways while the Coronavirus is at large, but our heart preparation should continue!