This week we continue with quotes from Hudson Taylor’s autobiography, comprised of various journal entries and writings.

Hudson Taylor (Men of Faith): Taylor, J. Hudson: 9780871239518 ...

If you are thinking of taking the One Year Challenge, there are several blessed lessons to learn from these examples who have given their whole life to the mission!

“It was to me a very grave matter, however, to contemplate going out to China, far away from all human aid, there to depend upon the living God alone for protection, supplies, and help of every kind.”
“I thought to myself, “When I get out to China, I shall have no claim on any one for anything; my only claim will be on God.”
“I found myself possessed of only a single coin—one half-crown piece. Still I had hitherto had no lack, and I continued in prayer.”

― James Hudson Taylor, The Autobiography of Hudson Taylor: Missionary to China