Another week with quotes from Hudson Taylor’s autobiography, comprised of various journal entries and writings!

Hudson Taylor (Men of Faith): Taylor, J. Hudson: 9780871239518 ...

If you are thinking of taking the One Year Challenge, Taylor and missionaries like him (William Carey, Jonathan Goforth, etc…) are excellent examples to learn from. Their strength was not in worldly talents, but absolute faith in the word and power of God.

“we should never lose sight of the higher aspect of our work—that of obedience to God, of bringing glory to His Name, of gladdening the heart of our God and Father by living and serving as His beloved children.”
“I have grown older since then, but not wiser. I am more than ever convinced that if we were to take the directions of our Master and the assurances He gave to His first disciples more fully as our guide, we should find them to be just as suited to our times as to those in which they were originally given.”

― James Hudson Taylor, The Autobiography of Hudson Taylor: Missionary to China