The One Year Challenge is a program run by the Campus Service Team of the International Churches of Christ.  The One Year Challenge connects churches in need with members of the International Churches of Christ who are seeking opportunities to help.

The One Year Challenge website is a ministry of Disciples Today, which connects International Churches of Christ through a number of special-purpose websites.

Who are the International Churches of Christ? 

The ICOC, or International Churches of Christ, is a family of churches spread accross 155 nations of the world. You can learn more at the Disciples Today orICOC Hotnews websites.

The One Year Challenge Blog

Looking for day-to-day inspiration or news from the One Year Challenge sites across the U.S. and the world? Here we’ll post interesting content from not only our churches but from others who share a passion for missions,as well as news and information from secular sources that can build your convictions, keep you better informed, and help you prepare for your own One Year Challenge.

Stay Connected 

Don’t let your dream to be used by God to fullfil the Great Commission die down! Keep in touch with us through this blog, our Facebook page and our Twitter feed.

2 thoughts on “About”

  1. JC TREJO said:

    HI mi name is Juan Carlos Trejo I am a minister of the new Church in Ensenada Baja California Mexico We start the church with 10 disciples, so far 5 have returned to their home citys, and now we are 12 disciples. we would like to contact the administrator of the OYC to to request, if possible, that our church be considered in the one-year challenge list destinations. Do you have any email where you can send our information? My email is jctrejo75@gmail.com


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