Saturday Zoom In: Berlin Campus


Get an inside look at the Berlin Church. This video is from a few years back, and interviews a young disciple studying and helping to lead the campus ministry in Berlin. He cam on a One Year Challenge, and stayed to continue the mission. There are certainly are many ups and downs, great to see the example of faith in Berlin, that we aren’t living for comfort and the best experience, but to rely on God and trust in Him.

Currently, we don’t have an OYC site in Berlin, but check out these other sites in Europe!

Thursday Links


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For the commuter, the scholar, the podcaster, the student and the hesitant to approach the Old Testament… The Bema Podcast.

This podcast takes you section by section through the OT and attempts to look at the text through a more fitting viewpoint culturally (Eastern eyes).

It pairs nicely with your personal reading of the OT and the questions that come as you encounter complex people and situations in the text.

For everything that was written in the past was written to teach us, so that through the endurance taught in the Scriptures and the encouragement they provide we might have hope.

Romans 15:4

The law, prophets, and the psalms are the scriptures Jesus was referring to, and we should do what we can to receive that encouragement and hope they give!

Featured Article: God’s Word Comes Alive


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Scholar Douglas Jacoby’s weekly newsletter has just concluded a 20 part series on “Old Testament Passages Good for Everyone to Know”, this is part 20.

If you’re thinking of taking the One Year Challenge, knowing your bible is key, and we shouldn’t neglect the Old Testament. Become more familiar with the story God is telling and has told, you wouldn’t be content to just watch the last few seasons of a tv series and skip the first few, right?!

Music Monday


Coming to you from Bolivia!

This song grows on you, you may not even know the words, but you will be humming it all day long!

We have an OYC site in Bolivia dedicated to working with Hope and serving the people of Bolivia’s physical needs as well. If you speak Spanish, there is a great opportunity!

Register for the OYC for more information on the OYC in Bolivia.

Great Images: Millennial Can Fly on Wings like (Falcons?) Eagles


Okay, I must admit I could’t omit the easy Star Wars reference. People, and I mean almost everyone born before the late 1990’s has been tossing around the word “millenials” in some negative light. But that’s not how millenials see themselves, and it is not how millenials ought to be defined, especially in The Kingdom.

There are a lot of motivators to make the most of our lives, of every opportunity. But there really is not motivator like love, and the perfect example we have of love.

To the millenials! If you’re thinking of taking the One Year Challenge, you will need these qualities, hard working, social influencer, and being able to hustle, but in increasing quantity you will need great faith. A generation for God needs leaders, needs examples of faith and commitment.

Friday Fun: Perspective


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“I could submit if I just knew why”

Short section from a Tim Keller sermon, our perspective is limited, here he uses an illustration about a young boy and his toy. Our perspective is much more limited than God’s, our vantage point is so frail.

If you’re thinking of taking the One Year Challenge, let this truth we find in the word encourage you to step out in faith; that those who lose their life for Jesus’ sake will save their it.

Hear the full message here.

Featured Article: Freedom, Limits, and the ‘Right’ to Happiness


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From Trevin Wax’s article…

Much of the anxiety that plagues younger Americans comes from the notion that freedom means unlimited choice. We think we are free when we keep open all possible futures. And so we get anxious when we consider the options we’ve not chosen, or we see the lives of people around us who go different paths.

We want our loves to bind us, but we also want a boundless love. We want the stability that comes from marriage, while we want the freedom to remain single and keep our options open. We want the emotional connection that comes from being parents, while we want the flexibility and ease of not being tied down. We want closeness of friends and community, while we resist any obligation that would impinge upon our personal space and time. We want happiness but without investment.

Read the full article here.